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Ultimate Guide to Jeep Wrangler VIN Decoding: Find Your Perfect Match

Jeep Wrangler Vin Decoding

Jeep Wrangler Vin Decoder

What is meant by VIN and How to Decode it?

Vehicle identification numbers can reveal an abundance of information about your Jeep and are akin to a social security number for your Jeep/car. Utilize the Jeep Wrangler Vin Decoding provided to decode your Jeep’s VIN or any Jeep you may be looking into buying.

Every digit has a meaning that can help in understanding the vehicle. The ninth position of the VIN is known as the check digit, and its value is derived from a mathematical equation using other numbers in the VIN.

To confirm whether or not a given Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is valid, cross-check it with its corresponding check digit, a correct key for discerning legitimacy.

Every individual character in the VIN has been assigned a numerical value for easy identification. You may wonder, “Wait… there are letters too– how does that work?” Well, this is normal.

If you’re referring to Wranglers, chances are the second position in your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a letter “J,” whose value and weight designated by the calculator would be 1 and 7, respectively.

Once you have found these designations for all other positions of your VIN, input them into the calculation process to verify their accuracy with the corresponding check digit.

What is a VIN

What is a VIN

A Jeep Wrangler VIN is a unique serial number for each vehicle manufactured by the Jeep brand. The VIN is located on a plate near the driver’s side door. The VIN contains essential information about your Jeep, such as its make, model, and trim level. 

A Jeep’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) contains important data about the model and year, make, place of manufacture, and other particulars. Each symbol or group of characters provides an exclusive code that uncovers such data.

By referencing the diagram above and decoding charts, we were able to decipher this particular Jeep VIN: 1C4NJCBA9GD681479.

How to decode VIN for Jeep Wrangler Vin Decoding?

How to decode VIN

VIN Decoder for 1987-1988 Wrangler YJs

To ensure the authenticity of your YJ Wrangler, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is assigned for each one. VIN can be found in four areas, the driver-side dashboard, door jamb, beneath the radiator, or on the firewall close to its Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

1Country of Origin1 = United States
2MakeJ = Jeep
C = Chrysler
3Vehicle TypeC = MPV
D = Incomplete Vehicle
4Engine TypeC = 4.2L 6-cyl
H = 2.5L 4-cyl Throttle Body Injection
U = 2.5L 4-cyl Carburetor
5Trans/Transfer CaseL = 5-spd Manual Floor Shifter (Part Time 4WD)
X = 4-spd Manual Floor Shifter (Part Time 4WD)
B = Auto w/ Floor Shifter (Part Time 4WD)
E = Auto Column Shifter (Part Time 4WD)
J = Auto Column Shifter (Full Time 4WD)
A = Auto Column Shifter (2WD)
6-JulBody Style81 = Wrangler
8Weight RatingJ or M = 3001-4000lbs
1 or 2 = 4001-5000lbs
9Check DigitManufacturer Assigned
10Model YearH = 1987
J = 1988
11Assembly PlantJ = Brampton, Ontario, Canada
L = Toledo, Ohio Plant #1
P = Toledo, Ohio Plant #2
T = Toledo, Ohio
12--17Sequential Serial NumberSix Digit Number

VIN Decoder for 1989-1995 Wrangler YJs

1Country of Origin1 = United States
2MakeJ = Jeep
C = Chrysler
3Vehicle Type3 = MPV
6 = Incomplete Vehicle
7 = Truck
4Gross Vehicle Weight RatingE = 3001-4000lbs
F = 4001-5000lbs
G = 5001-6000lbs
H = 6001-7000lbs
5ModelY = Wrangler
6Trim Level1 = S
2 = Base
4 = Sahara
5 = Laredo
6 = Renegade
7Body Style9 = 2 Door Open Body
8EngineE = 2.5L
L = 4.0L
(1989) M = 4.2L
(1991-1995) S = 4.0L
(1990) T = 4.2L
9Check DigitManufactuer Assigned
10Model YearK = 1989
L = 1990
M = 1991
N = 1992
P = 1993
R = 1994
11Assembly PlantJ = Brampton, Ontario
L = Toledo, Ohio Plant #1
P = Toledo, Ohio Plant #2
T = Toledo, Ohio
12--17Sequential Serial NumberSix Digit Number

VIN Decoder for 1997-2006 Wrangler TJs

All TJs have a Vehicle Identification Number listed on a plate on the driver’s side dashboard, stamped into the frame, and on a sticker near the top of the door hinges. There is also another plate between the seat and door that contains this information.

1Country of Origin1 = United States
2MakeJ = Jeep
C = Chrysler
3Vehicle Type4 = MPV
4Gross Vehicle Weight RatingE = 3001-4000lbs
F = 4001-5000lbs
5Vehicle LineY = Wrangler 4x4
A = Wrangler 4x4 (Left Hand Drive)
4 = Wrangler 4x4 (Right Hand Drive)
6Series(1997-200) 1 = Sport
(1997-2003) 2 = SE
(1997-2000) 4 = Sahara
(2001-2003) 4 = Sport
(2001-2003) 5 = Sahara
(2002-2003) 3 = X
(2003) 6 = Rubicon
7Body Style9 = Open Body
8EngineH = 2.5L Leaded Gas
P = 2.5L Unleaded
S = 4.0L Unleaded
V = 4.0L Leaded
9Check Digit0 through 9 or X
10Model YearV = 1997
W = 1998
X = 1999
Y = 2000
1 = 2001
2 = 2002
3 = 2003
11Assembly PlantP = Toledo #2
12--17Vehicle Build SequenceSix Digit Number

VIN Decoder for 2007-2018 Wrangler JKs

For JK owners, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is conveniently located on both the driver-side dash and door jam.
1Country of Origin1 = United States
2MakeJ = Jeep
C = Chrysler
3Vehicle Type4 = MPV w/o side air bags
8 = MPV w/ side air bags
4Gross Vehicle Weight Rating1 = 8001 - 9000 lbs
A, G, N, V = 4001 - 5000 lbs
B, H, P, X = 5001 - 6000 lbs
C, J, R, Y = 6001 - 7000 lbs
D, K, S, Z = 7001 - 8000 lbs
E, L, T = 8001 - 9000 lbs
5Vehicle LineA = Wrangler Left Hand Drive (4x4)
B = Wrangler Left Hand Drive (4x2)
E = Wrangler Right Drive (4x4) Export
Z = Wrangler Right Hand Drive (4x4) US mail & Canada
J = Unlimited
6Series & Trans2 = Sport or base model
3 = Unlimited or Sport Unlimited
5 = Sahara or Sahara Unlimited
6 = Rubicon or Rubicon Extended
B = 4-spd automatic VLP - Sales Code (DGV)
C = 6-spd Manual - Sales Code (DEH)
E = 5-spd automatic - Sales Code (DGQ)
W = 5-spd Auto (Rubicon)
7Body Style4, D = Open Body (JK 72)
9, H = Extended Open Body (JK 74)
8Engine1 = 3.8L V6
5 = 2.8L 4-cyl Diesel
9 = 2.8L 4-cyl Turbo Diesel
G = 3.6L
9Check Digit0 through 9, or X
10Model Year7 = 2007
8 = 2008
9 = 2009
A = 2010
B = 2011
C = 2012
D = 2013
E = 2014
F = 2015
G = 2016
H = 2017
J = 2018
11Assembly PlantL = Toledo, Ohio South Assembly
W = Toledo, Ohio North Assembly
12--17Sequential Serial NumberSix Digit Number

2018 JL Wrangler – VIN Positions 5, 6, & 7

4WDBody TypePositionSeries
JXA2 Door Open BodyLeft Hand DriveSport
JXD4 Door Open BodyUnlimited Sport
JXEUnlimited Sahara
JXFUnlimited Rubicon
JXG2 Door Open BodyRight Hand DriveSport
JXK4 Door Open BodyUnlimited Sport
JXLUnlimited Sahara
JXMUnlimited Rubicon

Official VIN Decoder for Tesla Cybertruck & Semi

Tesla Semi, Cybertruck

Digits 1-3:
World Manufacturing Identifier 7G2 Manufacturer: Tesla Inc., Vehicle Type: Truck

Digit 4:
T = Tesla Semi
C = Cybertruck

Digit 5:
Chassis/Cab Type
B = Day Cab
E= Truck-LHD

Digit 6:
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
E-Class 8-Greater than 14968 kg. (33,001 lbs. and over) G-Class G-Greater than 3629 kg. to 4082 kg. (8,001-9,000 lbs.) H Class H-Greater than 4082 kg. to 4536 kg. (9,001-10,000 lbs.)

Digit 7:
Fuel Type
E = Electric

Digit 8:
Motor/Drive Unit/Braking System
B = Dual Drive Rear Axle, Air Brakes (Designated for Semi)
D = Dual Motor-Standard (Designated for Cybertruck) E = Triple Motor-Performance (Designated for Cybertruck)

Digit 9:
Check Digit
To be assigned by the manufacturer under 49 CFR § 565.15(c).

Digit 10:
Model Year
R = 2024

Digit 11:
Plant of Manufacture
N = Reno, NV
A = Austin, TX

Digits 12-17:
Unique serial number 000001-999999

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