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Best wrangler: Which Jeep Wrangler Is The Best?

Before the jeep wrangler, it all started when the Americans were confirmed to participate in WW2 along with Europe before the invention of the current SUV 4th generation Wrangler JL. Only two companies were willing to develop heavy SUVs for the army under the impossible limit of 49 days.

This fantastic invention was aimed to provide ease in surveillance purposes for the military. Wrangler’s series is one of the favorite choices of many, especially off-road adventurers. We will discuss the various generation of wranglers’ jeep here in this article.

Let’s look at the difference between Wranglers YJ and Jeep CJ-7 before Generations.


Which jeep wrangler is the best

Difference Between CJ and YJ

Jeep Wranglers YJJeep CJ-7  
  Introduced in 1987   Introduced in 1945  
The first model of the Wranglers seriesOne of the vehicles in the range of CJ-1 to CJ-14  
It was a replacement for a few features from its ancestorsame
People did not like its rectangular shape HeadlightsTaller persons liked it due to its more legroom availability
Updated interiorUpdated as compared CJ-5 in terms of size and room  
Safety measures improvedMore flexible to safety  
It has wider tracks  It has a regular track
The stance is lowered down a little bitThe view was comparatively high  
It had two types of engines when it was introduced to choose from 4- cylinder and   6-cylinder based  It came up with four different types of engines  
  IN 1991 122, the horsepower engine was introduced.    It came up with a 2.5 and 4.2 L AMC computer carburetor engine
A computer carburetor has the drawback of having low performance under leakage. It also had lost power and high engine temperature issuesIt has a standard carburetor
A computer carburetor has the drawback of having low performance under leakage. It also had lost power and high engine temperature issuesIt has a standard carburetor
  It has square-shaped headlights  It has round-shaped headlights
Separate body and separate frameSame  
  It has a front-engine and rear-wheel drive typeSame  
  It can be driven without doors, even  Same  
Plastic interiorsMetal interiors    
A crazy and advanced types of people like itSimplistic kind of people choose it  

Best Generations of jeep wranglers in 2022:

Jeep Wrangler –YJ

These SUVs were introduced In 1987, starting the benchmark of the Wrangler series. They replaced the CJ model of the jeep. Their performance was outstanding but was little not liked due to having square-shaped headlights. At the time, it was owned by Chrysler Corp in August 1987. 

People found it quite reliable, but headlights frowned at them. It was directly evolved from CJ-7 and had the same wheelbase, and the comparison is given above.


jeep Engine:

Best Engine: 

the first engine was a 2.5 L AMC straight-4, which evolved into two types of transmissions from 1987 to 1995, as below

The second was a 4.2 AMC straight -6 engine which evolved into three types of transmissions from 1987 to 1990, as below

The third was the 4.0 AMC straight -6 engine which evolved into three types of transmissions from 1991 to 1995, as below


Carburetor for jeep


Initially, hydraulic computer-controlled carburetors were used, which were highly problematic. There were two options: a 2.5-liter AMC 150 TBI fuel injection engine and a 4-liter computer-carbureted engine. Both of them used Peugeot BA 10/5, which had increased disadvantages.

Typically computer carburetor is the same as the normal one. The only difference in performance happens when there is a leak issue, and the air /fuel ratio has to maintain the related problems.

Drawbacks of the Jeep Wrangler YJ:

It has the following disadvantages.

    • The transmission used in wrangler YJ has a reliability problem
    • The carburetor had many issues
    • Due to a particular hydraulic setup, it was challenging to replace the faulty information.
    • Due to lower ground clearance, it did not perform well while off-road.

    How do we solve issues?

    Jeep Wrangler –TJ:

    This is the second generation of the wrangler series, with few upgrades to the previous model. Among them, one of the significant upgrades was the suspension. Jeep Wrangler YJ has a leaf spring, while Jeep Wrangler TJ comes with a coil-spring design that is more reliable and comfortable.

    Another significant change was in the headlight design. The square headlight design of Jeep Wrangler YJ is changed back to a round shape which people demand at the moment. You can find more on “TJ” on Wikipedia.


    The first engine was a 2.5 L AMC straight-4, which evolved into two types of transmissions from 1997 to 2002, as below

    The second engine was 2.4 L Power Tech which evolved three types of transmissions from 2003 to 2006

    The third engine is a 4.0 L AMC straight -6 engine which evolved into five types of transmission from 1997 to 2006

    Axles in Jeep Wrangler TJ:

    Axles in Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Dana 30 axles were used in these models, which could hold tires up to 35 inches tall. But there were complaints of leaking and faults in joints observed. So it’s highly recommended to use Dana 44 axle to enhance durability and performance, also called Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.


    Best Topside and Doors:

    Why do we use a half-door Jeep Wrangler TJ?, Because we may need to go on rough and rocky off-road areas. It is available with the option of half-door and full-door installments. But for on-road trips, full doors are convenient.


    Jeep Wrangler –JK:

    it is the third generation of the wrangler series. One of the main differences between JK and TJ is their width. So TJ uses 61-inch axles while JK evolved with 65-inch axles. Another main difference is that TJ uses Dana 44s with air-lockers, while JK uses Dana 44s to have E-lockers.


    Why E-lockers?

    Because E-lockers do not require any outside power for engagement, only 12 volts are needed for their functioning. Also, air-lockers require a 12-volt power source and a compressor to complete functioning. 


    The first engine was a 3.8 EGH which evolved into two types of transmissions from 2007 to 2011, as below

    The second engine was a 3.6 L Pentastar, which evolved into two types of transmissions from 2012 to 2017, as below

    The third engine was the 5-speed 545RFE which evolved into three types of transmissions from 2007 to 2015, as below

    The choice of two doors and four doors:

    Jk offers two doors and four doors options and opportunities for top selection from soft and hardtop. Two doors look more sporty than four, which does not mean offering only two but four comfortable seats.

    The four-door option brings more center and leg space idle for the taller person. Similarly, a soft top is suitable for off-road adventurers, and a hard top is inactive for a cleaner look on on-road movement.


    Jeep Wrangler –JL:

    Wow, declared SUV of 2019 by a motor trend that is more than enough for someone considering buying it. It is the fourth generation of the Wrangler series. Several upgrades are done as compared to its precedents models.

    One of the notable changes is its bumper. The presence of a bumper and cutouts behind the front tires help cool down the engine rapidly. Due to some specific innovations, its weight is lowered comparatively. It is almost 200 pounds lesser in weight than its predecessor. 


    It comes with a 3.6 L V-6 engine, which provides 285 horsepower, bringing up a torque of 260 lb-ft. A turbocharged four-cylinder is also available, which produces a torque of 290 lb-ft with 270 horsepower.

    It also can create a fantastic torque of 440 lb-ft with 240 horsepower. It’s a diesel engine. 

    Tops and Appearance:

    It is available with both options as soft-top and hard-top options. But, notably, the soft top is comparatively easy to remove and replace with a push of a button. Hard-top is also relatively easy to remove by lightning the weight. 


    Due to being the most advanced jeep form, it’s comparatively higher in price. An idea is like a 2-door sports vehicle starts roughly from $ 28000, and the 4-door unlimited starts at around $50000.


    I hope you have read it all, found the information exciting, and fulfilled your need. So apparently, Wrangler is not a luxurious vehicle but made to achieve harsh results off-road and on-road, as discussed in jeep jk vs jku and so on.  

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